Sunday, June 7, 2009

God is Green

Yesterday, a group of us cleaned up our local beach. It was a picture perfect day and we each had about a half mile stretch to clean.

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The place was packed. It was a Saturday in Florida at beach. There was plenty of trash to gather. I filled up two garbage bags with candy wrappers, cans and discarded bottles. It felt good. In a very small way, it felt like I was able to help move the earth back toward the garden God planted at the beginning of all things. Back when God provided all that was needed. Back when God spoke with man and woman in the cool of the evening. Back when all enjoyed the original beauty of the earth.

I think God cares about the earth. That's why I love the name of the project which was totally stolen from someone else. God is green. I don't see where, in spite of all the abuse we heap upon this planet, God has withdrawn from it or us. When I see the beauty of a sunset or heavy morning dew hanging on a spider's web, I see the fingerprints of God. God still cares, but we've gotten careless.

I've never been much of an environmentalist. I've always found tree huggers admirable in their zeal, but their politics and made-for-media tactics don't inspire me to the cause. God, however, does inspire me. Taking care of what God asks me to steward inspires me. Imagine what it would be like if all of the Christians rallied the churches, civic organizations and businesses with a simple message: seriously pay attention to the impact your life or business has on the planet.

As for me, I will enjoy the afterglow of being a Saturday morning environmentalist on a warm Florida beach and I will ponder what more I can do to continue to care for this planet God loves.